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Friday, 3 March 2017

hey guys thanks for your love and your support . today i have to tell you something few days ago i just created an vlog named cricket yard kindly check this out and give me more support and love

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Frontech is a reputed company in Indian market because of its great build quality in low price.  We spent time with  frontech jil 3442 wired headphone. And tried to find as much as we can about these headphone. First i want to clear why i owned  a new brand instead of more reputed brand like jbl sony etc.
Why i choosed frontech over thousands of brands
1.       Others brand cost a lot and everyone is not able to spend that much money.
2.       People usually try to get headphone in low price but they always search for brands like jbl Philips sony etc. And thats why they usually get failed all that happens because of the myth that only big brand can give you big performance. I want to destroy this myth because even new brands can give you great product.
3.       Frontech is a new but great company.
4.       I want to save few money for you.

Audio quality

Headphone doesn’t look like much but the audio quality is better then expected. for under 300 rupee the lab results are quite pleasing.
Let’s start with the frequency response it isn’t suited for studio needs,but the consumer ear should be more then  satisfied with the results. From deep-down bass notes,to mids,to highs, these headphone  produce very desirable sound. Bass is prominent and accurate. And high notes are pretty much perfect.
Lastly, high frequency sounds like chattering birds or squeaky wheels are effectively blocked but low voice like rolling carts or rumbling engines will definitely interrupt your listing.

Look and feel-

Frontech headphone are headphone for basic needs like talking to someone or listening songs you can use these headphones for office use too but for activity like running or weightlifting these headphones are not good because of that big  mic on right side.
            These headphones are comfortable i personally use these headphones to watch movies. Headphones can be easily customised as per your needs. You can adjust its size.
The only thing i didn’t liked about these headphones is they are a little bit heavy but still these headphones are best in price range of 300. 

Quick overview

1.       Easy to use
2.       Perfect to use at home.
3.       Value for money
4.       Highly customizable
5.       Looks strong in hands
6.       Nice volume and bass
7.       Supports almost all type of phones.laptop, and pc
8.       Looks good
9.       Mic works fine.
1.   Last but not least cost only 250 inr
As per my needs these headphone are ore then perfect and i can guaranty  it will suit your needs too.  You can buy many headphones by spending 1000 more but in the price range of 300 these headphones  are just more then  good. Nice sound,nice build quality,nice bass, if you expect more then please go with others brand which cost 1000 or more and if you are happy with these quality go with this one and do not forgot to comment about you like it or not after buying.
As everyone knows sharing is sexy so share it with your friend to let them know about this product. And if you are confused about trusting this company i suggest go for it
          Buy frontech jill  from amazon  -  buy now


Friday, 18 March 2016

How to rank high in search engine-top tips to get most out of search traffic
Everyone wants to get a lot of traffic from search engine. You can get a lot of traffic from social sites like facebook or twitter but still search traffic means a lot for bloggers. There are many ways to optimize your blog for search traffic  so here i am going to post about how to rank good in search engine.
Seo is most important thing to rank well in search engine. So first talk about what actually seo is

               According to wikipedia  seo is the process of affecting the visibility of web page  in search engine’s unpaid results.

 .there  are a lot of technique available to optimize your blog for seo.

1-Black hat seo-

I never write about black hat seo because it can get you top search ranking but it will never make your blog good. Black hat seo is all about braking rules of search engine to get best ranking.
For example- keyword stuffing packing long list of key words in your blog instead of full topic is part of black hat seo.
I never used these type of technique and i will never suggest you to do so.

2-white hat seo-

White hat seo is a practise used to improve search performance that is in line with terms and condition. It is opposite of black hat seo.
·      Offering quality content and services.
·      Using descriptive keyword rich meta tags
·      Making your site easy to navigate
There are two type of seo techniques IN white hat seo technique
On page seo and off page seo


On page seo includes use of proper heading,content quality ,keyword placement, and many other factors.

Choose right keywords for blog post title-

Most important factor which really plays a big role in deciding  whatever our blog post will be doing well on search engine. you have to think different from other. Always search for keyword which look attractive. we should make sure we are using targeted keywords or phrase toward the begning of title tag.  like if you are going to write on search engine traffic then instead of writing search traffic you can write how to get traffic to your site or top 5 ways to get most out of traffic. The more attractive title you can write the more visitor will  click on your link.
Always chose a title with less competition. There are a lot of tools available to find perfect keyword.

Content is king-

Content is king very old line but still works well. You can get a lot of visitor but turning them into subscriber is very hard without a catchy post you can’t engage them with you.
Use your mind and heart to write a post. Never write for others always write for you. Make your post as interesting  as much you can. Always research about topic which you are going to use in your post before posting it.

Post permalink structure-

Use targeted keywords instead of using symbols, brackets, comma, etc in your post url.make sure to follow a pretty permalink instead of random strings in your permalink. SEO friendly URLs contain keywords that explain the article and they’re easy to read by both human and search engine.
An SEO friendly url will help you a lot and it will  improve your chance to rank high in search engines.
For example
               Seo friendly URL- http;// how-to-perform-well-in-search/

              Non seo friendly url- http://www,


Word count per post-

I don’t see blog post doing well on search  having very few words. Always try to write long and well researched  blog posts with targeted keywords. You should try to draft blog posts carrying minimum 700 to 800 words. Though there is no limit or exact number for minimum word count gor seo optimized post.if you can write long post with over 1000+ words then belive me you are going to rank high in search engine.more over if you are writing natural post and covering everything related to the topic,your topic would be of good length.

Suggestion- analyze other posts on the internet and see what you are missing. If there is something write about it  if not then great. Try to find out  if your post is better then the post ranking on first page.

Mobile friendly template-

A lot of people use mobile instead of pc. If your webpage is not mobile friendly then you will lose plenty amount of traffic. There are lot of template available you use one of those template.  If your webpage is mobile friendly then  i am sure it will rank better then non mobile friendly web page. Using an mobile friendly tamplate can increase your earning, search traffic,etc.
You can go with atb by imran uddin  personally i like it a lot.

Heading tags-

We should use heading tags [h2,h3,h4] in our post because it will make your post beautiful. And tags plays major role in seo.

Update content daily-

Instead of writing 1 post each week you should write 3 to 4 post in a week. I prefer to write daily until you start getting enough visitor from search engine after that you can write 1 post a week or 2 post per week. And one more thing quality is better then quantity always write good content. never compromise with quality.

Off page seo
Off page SEO is not just about links there are a lot of factor in off page SEO
Off page seo is as important  as on page. usually people think a lot about on page seo and they never pays attention to off page seo. i prefer doing both at same day so it will boost your rankings fast.
    Off page SEO simply tells google about what others thinks about your site for example- if you’ve  got a lot of valuable links pointing to your page search engine will assume that you’ve got great content.

Top off page seo technique –

Submit site to the search engine-

Submitting your site to google, yahoo,aol will alow you to rank well in search engine if you don’t want to submit your site to search engine then forgot about blogging because without telling search engine about your site you are not going to get traffic..

Social networking sites-

Social networking is bigger than ever these days sometimes known as “online reputation management.  Social media is great to drive a lot of traffic to your site.and it will help you too rank well in search engine too. You need to sign up with  facebook, twitter,google+,linedin etc to get free easy and fast traffic and great rank in google.


Baclinks are incoming links to a webpage in the past backlins were the major factor for the great ranking in search results. Baclinks are important but only good ones. 1 backlink from a great blog is better then 1000 low quality backlinks. Never ever try to get links from porn,spam,automated,or harvested sites because it will harm you site instead of  helping. I think this is the perfect reason to avoid low quality baclinks.
How baclinks can help you
1-improve organic ranking
2- referral traffic
3- faster indexing

How to start getting backlink-

It is to easy   get backlink if you follow all the steps i mention here-

Write awesome artical

The more awesome artical you can write the more people will share your article.sharing is sexy everyone likes sexy things .
For example- if one off your friend  meet a beautiful girls he will surely tell you about her.

Do guest posting-

In my opinion guest posting is great way to generate a lot of traffic . find a blog in you niche which are accepting guest post write a great  for those site that’s it  if your post is really good then you are going to get a lot of traffic from those sites and backlink too.
Note- search a site which is getting a lot of traffic never write guest for those who don’t have any reputation in search engine.

Do forum commenting –

Forum commenting  is a easy way to get baclinks be active there help everyone and get a lot of traffic. There is one more benefit of forum commenting you can idea about  new topics to write on.

Do blog commenting-

 Here it comes blog commenting my favourite way to get backlinks.
It is as easy as typing a message to a friend. Just find  an article, read it care fully, type your name email add and site link and give your opinion what you think about post what is good and what is bad and work done you got one easy backlink.

Try these tips in real life and i can guaranty you are going to get a lot of search engine there are few more things you can do to increase  traffic like backlinking or submitting your site to search engine you can read about it here- seo

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The net has turn out to be part of our life in this current superior international. people are quite aware of this technology with the rapid utilization of internet. The internet plays the maximum sizable position for the technological progress that is now visible within the these days’s tech global. utilization of superior era makes our life to go easily presenting you the capacity to deal with all of your chores with lots ease. but, the primary hassle starts whilst the net velocity becomes very gradual type. There are quite many ways to acquire excessive-pace internet to your tool.
commonly, we opt for a broadband connection to reinforce up your internet velocity in case you’re in the need of quicker net connection. however, even when you have a faster internet broadband connectivity, you won't get high pace at moments whilst you’re using torrents. We often blame our internet service issuer (ISP) for slow internet connection. this might no longer be the ISP associated difficulty because the trouble lies with our DNS (area name system). before heading to the unique manual on the way to get a quicker internet pace, permit me explain you approximately DNS and its substantial function in supplying high-velocity net. Have a look!
what's DNS?
DNS is an acronym for area call gadget, a device that converts the domain names into IP (internet Protocol) addresses, and vice versa. DNS is a protocol, and it is hard for a person to memorize ultimate digits of an IP address and this is where DNS comes into play. The DNS converts the domain name into its corresponding IP address, every time it's far used as such. The DNS has its community where one DNS server can request different DNS servers concerning translation of a particular domain name to its corresponding IP cope with till it gets the accurate end result.
computer systems and different gadgets make use of IP cope with to path the visitors, and it is very an awful lot related to dialing a phone variety. DNS serves as an smart operator that bypasses the limitless address e book of IP addresses. that is the huge assignment of DNS that manages all of the IP addresses.
opportunity DNS offerings to boost Up your net
everybody desires to apply a excessive-pace internet on their smartphones, Laptops, drugs and pcs. there are many approaches to increase your internet velocity. As I mentioned in advance, your slow internet velocity isn’t regularly the responsibility of you net service issuer instead it might be the fault of your DNS. So, have you ever notion of the use of an opportunity DNS service? as the contemporary net pages generally tend to turn out to be an increasing number of complex by using inculcating limitless things, so clients constantly look for more than one DNS quests for imparting one single web web page. With the consistent boom on the net, the prevailing DNS infrastructure is experiencing more load every day.

One manner to overcome this slow internet connection, you want to utilize Public DNS servers like OpenDNS or Google DNS. these days, I can be explaining you about the use of a loose public DNS service with the intention to direct your computer to use that carrier alternatively rather than using your ISP prescribed DNS carrier that eventually permit you to get a faster internet speed.
what is OpenDNS?
OpenDNS is a site name device provider that offers unfastened and top rate DNS for any organization or person to enhance protection. Their top rate DNS serves you to load pages pretty faster and additionally keep away from loading dangerous malicious internet pages. OpenDNS gives first rate features that consist of domain blockading, typo correction, comfortable DNS and offers botnet protection.
In brief, if you’re utilizing default DNS, that is furnished through your ISP, most effective switch to OpenDNS and just supply it a turn. From my private angle, OpenDNS aids your tool and secures it by using blocking web sites which are malicious in type. in case you are extraordinarily suffering with gradual page loading difficulty or opening a web web page take years, regardless of broadband connection, using OpenDNS will resolve this trouble. They hold a huge hunk of DNS cache, which allows in faster query and aids in enhancing net velocity.
the way to accelerate internet pace using DNS Hack?
To acquire a faster net pace right here is an in depth educational about free OpenDNS provider. you can additionally use Google DNS for rushing up your internet. OpenDNS is one of the most famous unfastened DNS offerings that became commenced to render an opportunity approach to those who were displeased with their current DNS. just comply with those simple steps so you can make use of OpenDNS as an alternative DNS server in preference to the ones your provider provider affords you as default.

Step 1: To acquire high-pace net the use of OpenDNS, to start with open manage panel. go to manage Panel >> network and net alternatives.
a way to get quicker net velocity

Step 2: Now click on community and Sharing middle.
community and Sharing center

Step 3: simply click on your internet Connection and then select properties.
faster net Connection

Step four: From the wi-fi network Connection homes home windows, just scroll down and click on at the net Protocol model 4 (TCP/IPv4). Then hit houses.
the way to boost up internet pace using DNS hack

Step five: Now choose the subsequent DNS server addresses to acquire a quicker internet velocity:
favored DNS server:
change DNS server:
DNS server address

Step 6: you're now using OpenDNS’s servers that assist you to get a quicker net pace.
To Configure IPv6
Above, i've shown you IPv4 configuration, and now, I may be highlighting the net Protocol version 6 (TCP/IPv6). The technique is identical, and right here you want to click on on properties and pick out the following DNS server addresses:
favored DNS server: 2620:0:ccc::2
alternate DNS server: 2620:0:ccd::2
IPv6 configuration

Google DNS
honestly replace those addresses with the IP addresses of the Google DNS servers in step five.
For IPv4: and
For IPv6: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and/or 2001:4860:4860::8844
there are numerous blessings of the use of OpenDNS and Google DNS apart from getting a faster net velocity. If the DNS server of your net provider provider is going down, you then’ll be unable to make use of the net. however, when you use this OpenDNS and Google DNS approach, you may peacefully browse the internet as standard even if the service vendors DNS server is down.
both Google DNS and OpenDNS paintings well however, humans in recent times generally prefer Google DNS. you could select both of them to enhance up your internet speed. simply follow the simple steps defined above, you could easily boost up your internet velocity and may have a higher browsing revel in. moreover, using this DNS hack, you can browse correctly in your private net.

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

After getting a huge success with k3 note lenovo is going to launch one more budget smartphone can be named as  lenovo k4 note.

As we all know lenovo k3 note was very good smartphone. K4 note will get same price tag(9999 or 8999) but this time with more features.
K4 note will come with 3gb ram and finger print scanner and metal body.
Phone will officially launch on 5 January.
Despite its accessible price, the K3 Note offers more than decent features, including a 5.5-inch 1080p display, an octa-core MediaTek MT6752 processor, 5 MP front-facing camera, 13 MP rear camera, 16 GB of expandable internal memory, and a 2900 mAh battery. We're expecting the K4 Note to be a similar mid-range handset. If lenovo can give all that things with more features then belive me it is going to rock the world.
We will keep you updated with new updates on k4 note.

What you think about new phone??
You can comment your opinion below


Saturday, 19 December 2015

If you like to write a lot  and you want to write your own book to be famous but you do not have  enough money to  publish a  book then launching an ebook is perfect idea to give right path to your writing skills.

Why publishing an ebook is way better then publishing a book-
1. Publishing an ebook instead of book can save a lot of time for you.
2. It is totally free.
3. You can earn massive amount of income by publishing ebooks

There are lot of way to make and publish your ebook. By using some website you can easily make,share and sell you ebook.

1. - by using this website you can easily create your ebook in very less time. There are 25 templates available to customize your ebook and it will give your ebook a very attractive look. You can paste and import your text on this site.
You can save your ebook in epb or pdf format and best thing is you can sell your ebook through this website. - if you  want to make ebook for e readers like kindle,ipad,etc then you can go to this website.
This website will help you to create and publish your ebook

3 if you want to give your ebook more professional look then calibre is perfect choice for you. This is program to download this just go to above link and download calibre. Then by following some steps you can easyly create you first ebook or second or third...........

I suggest you to use calibre it is best ebook creator. Thanks for visiting us


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